We Love Cruising! Between the two of us, we’ve probably been on 20 or so cruises. In our opinion, there is never a more relaxing, carefree vacation than a cruise. I’ve definitely heard a few horror stories, even from some close friends. But so far, Nenad and I have been lucky enough to have had all good experiences together. Knock on wood…

So here we go, the top 5 reasons we love cruising!

1) You Can Completely Disconnect from the World

Depending on what type of traveler you are, you either love this or hate it! Don’t worry, internet is available on board and so is international calling; and  there are always places with wifi when you get to each port. But for the most part, the internet is so astronomically expensive and painfully slow on board that anything more than sending off a quick email is a no for us. And, do you really want to stay in your cabin on an international phone call? Didn’t think so… In this digital world, it’s really nice to have an excuse to totally unplug and spend time connecting with the people you are with, in person. Let those calls go to voicemail for a few days, leave the emails unanswered… Embrace it!

Nenad Daisy Cruise Photo

2) It Can Be Super Cheap!

We always do tons of research and try to find the best deals possible. The cheapest deals can usually be found closer to departure date… Keep an eye on the prices and if you see something good, grab it!! Don’t wait too long because those cheapy cabins can be snapped up quickly. Sometimes your cruise can work out to be less than $25 a day! (less than you would spend at home on an average day) This price includes traveling to a bunch of different places, a comfy cabin to sleep in and make yourself at home, tons of fun activities, and our favorite – unlimited FOOD! To enhance your cruise even further, keep an eye out for deals that include prepaid service charges or other freebies like on board cashe credits and drink packages! A couple of our favorite sites to use are: cheapcruises.com and travelzoo.com 

3) Just Relax, No Planning Needed.

You don’t have to plan anything… Other than how many trips back to the all-you-can-eat buffet you can make before you will no longer fit into your formal wear. The beauty of cruising is that it’s all figured out for you. You can do as much or as little as you like. Often times Nenad and I are scrambling to figure out vacation plans, even things as “simple” as getting to the airport can be a hassle, particularly with multi-country trips. With a cruise, you don’t have to think about it! The whole itinerary is planned with cruiser convenience in mind. When needed, there are comfy air-conditioned coaches waiting at each port to take you into the main town or staff handing out extra towels on a rainy day or a helpful room attendant to bring that forgotten corkscrew to your cabin…Go ahead and lounge on that hammock.


4) Unlimited Entertainment

You will never run out of things to do and places to explore on board. I am always surprised at how many people think they will be bored on a cruise ship or just feel claustrophobic. Seriously, for us the main issue is deciding which awesome thing we want to do next. There never seems to be enough time to do it all! Whether it’s open air movie night, lounging by the pool, game night, comedy shows, music performances or a dance contest; you really can’t run out of things to do. As for feeling claustrophobic, some of these cruise ships are HUGE. Yes, some areas can get crowded but that’s why you have your cozy cabin to head back to when you need a break. Other typically less crowded places are the library, shopping areas and coffee bars inside and the outside decks furthest from the swimming pools. Every night your cabin attendant leaves the next day’s entertainment schedule on your bed – it’s perfect! This doesn’t even touch on the shore excursions they offer at each port, from scuba diving in Cozumel to a helicopter tour over Hawaii, and everything is perfectly timed so you make it back to the ship in time.


5) Get a Little Taste of Many Places

Cruising is the perfect way to see many places in very little time with minimal hassle. You can explore for a day, get a feel for the place and then hop back on the ship, ready to head to the next destination. It’s pretty awesome to wake up in a new place! This is usually a love hate thing for us, while we love visiting new places, often times we are sad to leave so soon. There is always much more to see! We always try to think of cruising as a great way to enjoy the moment and then plan which places we want to visit again in the future.


There are just our top 5 favorite things about cruising. There is so much more to it, if you’re thinking about booking one – do it! Have you already been on a cruise?  What did you love about it?

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