Below is a list of some activities, sights, and experiences that we would love to have. We have been lucky enough to scratch off some of them! Please comment or send us an email at if there’s anything else we should add 🙂 It will forever grow!

The List:

Sleep in an overwater bungalow

Snowboard in the Alps

Gondola ride in Venice   5/30/14 –  Nenad almost fell off the gondola because he opened up a bottle of Prosecco and the cork just missed his head. This was taken immediately after that!

Laughing in Venice gondola ride

Road trip down the Pacific Highway

Ride the London Eye

Visit St. Michel in France

Snowboard in Whistler, Canada   1/15/2016 – Amazing weekend and primo conditions.

Snowboarding Whistler Canada

Volcano board in Nicaragua

Scuba dive in a Mexican cenote    2/3/16 – Scuba diving is one thing, but diving in a natural sinkhole in the Yucatan is an experience in itself. If you are ever around the Yucatan and are a certified diver, check out a cenote dive to experience another world.

Casa cenote dive mangrove

Ride a cable car in San Francisco

Longest zipline in Costa Rica

Drink champagne at The Plaza   12/30/14 – It was the perfect snowy day and we felt very posh sitting at the bar, ordering ridiculously overpriced champagne. The people watching was amazing and the bartenders had some great stories.

Snorkel with sea turtles    11/23/15 – It was so incredible to see these beautiful animals up close in their natural habitat, there were so many of them!

See the Northern Lights Mar 2016 – What an incredible experience. We have never been so in awe of nature! The Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that you have to see to believe!

Arctic cabin aurora -Reto

Fly over or dive the Blue Hole in Belize

Go dog sledding Mar 2016 – This was so much fun! We each got to drive our own team of huskies. Such an exhilarating feeling. These dogs have so much energy! It’s actually much harder than it looks.

Dog Sledding in Norway

Drink around the world at EPCOT during the Food and Wine Festival    Oct 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 – We have done 5 years in a row now and recommend it to any alcohol aficionados or food enthusiasts or anyone just looking to have a fun day, not to mention the people watching (especially towards the end of the day) is superb. It’s an expensive day out but a total blast. Dress up and bring your best friends!

Drinking around the world EPCOT

Go Snowmobiling

Swim with whale sharks

Skydive somewhere incredibly beautiful

Take a cooking class in France

Wine tasting tour in Tuscany

Hot air balloon ride in Turkey

Catch a sunset in Santorini – 5/11 – 5/25/16 – Romance, sunshine, wine, what’s not to love about this gorgeous place? Can’t wait to return to this piece of paradise.

Imerovigli sunset santorini

Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon

See a performance at the Sydney Opera House

See a play on Broadway together

See a musical in the West End, London

Visit Machu Picchu

 Climb the Eiffel Tower    5/25/14 – It was pouring rain but we made it to the top anyways and it was perfectly deserted. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a good shot of this one, so we will just have to do it again!

Go to the Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand

Snorkel with orcas

Ski to the South Pole

Drive across the USA, Route 66

Walk the Great Wall in China

Cruise the Panama Canal

Take a transatlantic cruise

See the Pyramids

See Petra

Visit the Taj Mahal

Live on a ranch for a month

Live at a yoga retreat for a month

Glacier hike in Patagonia

Visit the Acropolis – 5/5/16 – Such an amazing place. The Acropolis is a must see!

acropolis athens greece

Take an overnight train

See a volcano erupting

Dance all night at a Full Moon Party in Thailand

Attend the Cannes Film Festival

Be a ski bum for a whole season

Hike to Everest Base Camp

Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad all the way across

Hike the Inca Trail

Visit Chichen Itza    12/16/15 – Super touristy but we couldn’t miss it! The ball court and main castillo make this place truly a world wonder. Unforgettable!

daisy on shoulders chichen

Visit the Colosseum        5/13/14 – What an incredible but eerie place. It’s astonishing how this ancient building has survived. Walking around, you can almost feel the dark history in the walls…

Inside the Colosseum

See Christ the Redeemer in Rio

Run a marathon

Become fluent in another language

Paddle on the Amazon River

Go to the North Pole

Go on an African Safari

See Iguazu Falls

Spend the night in an igloo

See Victoria Falls

Hike the Grand Canyon

Go to Carnival in Rio

Cage dive with great white sharks

See a polar bear

Sleep in a castle

Hike Mt. Kilamanjaro

Climb Mont Blanc

Scuba dive with sharks! – 2/16/16 – There’s this amazing place in Belize called Shark Ray Alley and for good reason. Seeing these beautiful misunderstood animals up close was such a cool experience.

shark overhead diver

Go for a walk along Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico

Take a helicopter ride somewhere beautiful

Pick lavender in Provence

Climb Mt. Olympus – 5/1/16 – We did it! It’s not hard to see why this place is known as the mountain of the gods.

Mount Olympus hike

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Climb some Mayan pyramids   11/20/15 – We were lucky enough to climb several structures at different sites all over central America. After seeing Chichen Itza and Tulum, it added a whole new element being able to actually ascend to the top. This photo is taken from one of the tallest pyramids in Mayan history, Structure II at Calakmul measures approximately 55 meters tall.

Calakmul couple on top of Structure 2

Camp out on the beach

Champagne tour in France

Hike the Na Pali coast in Hawaii, stairs to heaven

Fly first class

Swim with dolphins in the wild

Luxury cruise

Run with the bulls in Pamplona

Go whale watching

Go to a Christmas tree farm

Take a river cruise

See the Russian Ballet in Moscow

Spend New Years in NYC    12/31/13 – Partying with some of our great friends (and unlimited drinks) at the Gansevoort rooftop was a great first experience together for New Years in the city.

New Years Eve NYC Gansevoort

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

See the cherry blossoms in Kyoto park Japan

Visit the Shire in New Zealand

Visit the Galapagos Islands

Visit Easter Island

Go to Robben Island

Spend fall in New England

Horse ride through the English countryside

Stay in a little cottage in the Cotswolds

Go to Angkor Watt

Watch the Great Migration in the Serengeti

Learn to tango in Buenos Aires

Ride the train through the Channel Tunnel  May 2014 – After rushing to make our train at Kings Cross Station, Nenad got stopped at security because he forgot he had his pocket knife with him. We ended up having to send it on the next train to Paris because you aren’t allowed to even be on the same train as your “dangerous carry-ons”. 30 Euros and 3 hours later, we learned our lesson!

See Bagan, Myanmar

Go to the Roman Baths in Somerset

Visit Pisa and take a silly picture

Get snowed on in Central Park   12/28/14 – We always enjoy visiting Central Park each time we are in NYC. Walking in the park for a minute or two takes you away from the hustle and bustle. At first we thought it was rain, but we quickly noticed tiny little snowflakes on our gloves. Such a beautiful day…

Snow in Central Park NYC

Go to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Drive the Great Ocean Road in Australia

See the Waitmo Glow Worm Caves in New Zealand

Go to Land’s End, Cornwall  8/12/16

See Giant’s Causeway in Ireland

Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge

Ride the coaster on Santa Monica Pier

Visit the Holy Land

Float in the Dead Sea

Travel the Silk Road

Sleep in a tree house

Gamble in Monaco

Go to the Kentucky Derby

Hug a sloth

Selfie with a koala bear

Snowboard Jackson Hole, WY

Sail/hike Milford Sound, New Zealand

Cruise the Yangtze River in China

Go Heliboarding

Drive to Big Sur, CA

Surf in Indonesia

Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland

Visit the Sistine Chapel    5/26/14 – One word, WOW! You just have to see this place for yourself. No photos are allowed inside the actual chapel, but you will never forget the experience. We took a tour and highly recommend it, you get to skip the insane lines outside the Basilica and even visit areas that are off limits for general admission.

Go to the Berlin Wall

See Mount Fuji

Hiking at Yellowstone

Relax in Bora Bora

Visit the Seychelles

Go parasailing

Bungee Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa (tallest in the world!)

Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

Go to the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan

Visit Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Explore Cinque Terre

Have a picnic in the garden at Versailles  8/19/16 – we went on a tour with Fat Tire Bike Co. and highly recommend it. It was pouring outside but that didn’t stop us from getting that wine and cheese!

Visit Bryce Canyon

Swim in the infinity pool at Marina Bay Resort, Singapore

Go to Tikal

Take a selfie with a lemur in Madagascar

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Go to Glastonbury

Gorilla trek in Rwanda

Roadtrip through the Australian Outback

Get invited to Necker Island

Helicopter ride in NYC

Afternoon tea at the Ritz

Snowboard in Niseko, Japan

Relax in the Algarve, Portugal

Take a Chicago river cruise   11/1/15 –  What a city Chicago is… Such great history, delicious food, friendly people and some truly remarkable modern architectural buildings. Trump tower dominates that river view (love him or hate him, it was impressive!) The river tour was great and a must do for anyone visiting Chicago.

Chicago river cruise

Whitewater rafting

Kitesurf in South Africa

See the Fjords in Norway   Mar 2016 – Norway is seriously one of the most naturally gorgeous countries we have had the pleasure of seeing so far! The view of the fjords from our train window was absolutely breathtaking, but it was even better on horse back.

Horse riding along a fjord in Norway

Go to a European Christmas Market

Go to Oktoberfest in Munich

Hike Table Mountain

Visit Stonehenge     5/20/14 – After our red eye flight into Heathrow, we drove straight over to Windsor Castle and then west to Stonehenge. It was a very long day but well worth it. We even managed to squeeze in a quick nap on the lawn before the rain started! Mind blowing to walk around and make up your own theories as to how it all happened…

Laying down at Stonehenge Feet Shot-Wide

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